Terms and Conditions for users

Pin Bike is a digital platform created with the aim of promoting sustainable mobility, both by bicycle and, for some types of users, by carpooling, owned and shared cars.

At the base of the system there is a hardware device that connects via bluetooth to the smartphone, with the Pin Bike app open. It allows you to certify cycling sessions, in other words it is an anti-fraud system.

The Pin Bike kit is therefore composed of: an odometer bluetooth device to be mounted on the bicycle wheel hub, a silicone handlebar holder for smartphones, a Pin Bike reflector plate, an aluminum valve adapter and a plastic cap for the aforementioned adapter, a signaling LED light. The kit includes instructions for its correct use and the information necessary to join the project.

The system is structured to allow the user to obtain two types of points.

Local points: they are exclusive to the users to which a client such as a Municipal Administration refers. This type of points is calculated exclusively in the journeys made by bicycle within the urban perimeter, administration set by the municipality in the project portal, and always viewable within the app by the user.

The urban points give access to the rankings and exclusive prizes linked to the city they belong to which have activated the Pin Bike system.

National points: they are not exclusive, they are earned by any user, some of the world uses the bicycle, and partly by the participation of their municipality in the Pin Bike system.

With the national points, users have access to the general classification and can be spent in the catalog of prizes of the merchants participating in the Pin Bike network.

This catalog can be filtered by category and / or geographical location.

We would like to underline that no user will be tracked: neither we of the Pin Bike Team, nor a Municipality that joined the project, nor a school or a company, will ever know where a user is going with their bicycle. This concept applies to all types of travel, except for the home / school and home / work routes. These types of paths are the only ones that are stored nominally, as these sections can give access to particular benefits and extra contributions, specific to the user.Pin Bike è una piattaforma digitale creata con lo scopo di promuovere la mobilità sostenibile, sia in bicicletta, che, per alcune tipologie di utenze, in carpooling, l’auto di proprietà e condivisa.

Official terms of use

By accessing or using the Pin Bike site, the Pin Bike service, or any application (including smartphone applications) made available by Pin Bike (together, the "Service"), however logged in, you agree to respect and to be bound by these Terms of Use ("Terms of Use"). The Service belongs and is managed by FB Innovation S.r.l.s. ("Pin Bike"), registered in Italy. By registering, you authorize Pin Bike to process and store your data in compliance with current legislation General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD - EU Regulation 2016/679).

The Terms of Use in question directly affect legal rights and obligations arising from the use of the service. It is necessary to accept these Terms of Use in their entirety to access the service.

Basic terms of use

1. You must be at least 14 years old to use the Service.

2. It is forbidden to post photos with nudity, semi-nudity or sexually suggestive content.

3. You may not use the Service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

4. You are solely responsible for your conduct and for any data, text, information, username, graphics, photo, profile, which you submit, post or display on the Service.

5. It is forbidden to modify, adapt, hack (alter or manipulate) Pin Bike or modify another site in such a way as to imply that it is associated with the Service or Pin Bike.

6. It is forbidden to automatically copy, save or acquire, for example via crawl scraping, any content.

7. It is forbidden to use domain names or web URLs in your username.

8. It is forbidden to transmit any type of virus or code of a destructive nature.

9. It is forbidden, when using the Service, to violate any legislation of your jurisdiction (including, but not limited to, the legislation on intellectual property).

10. It is forbidden to create accounts on the Service through automatic devices and / or software (scripts, bots).

11. Violations of these Terms of Use may, in Pin Bike's sole discretion, justify the deletion of your account. By accepting these Terms of Use, you are aware of and agree that Pin Bike is in no way responsible for the use of the Service and therefore you use the Service at your own risk and under your direct responsibility. Violation of the articles or the spirit of these Terms of Use, or otherwise the exposure of Pin Bike to risks of criminal prosecution for your work may result in the cancellation of your account and the definitive suspension of the Service.

12. In some geographical areas and / or in certain periods of the year, rewards offered by Pin Bike or its partners may be available, which will be listed in a dedicated section of the applications. The aforementioned Awards constitute an additional benefit aimed at promoting sustainable mobility, but should not be considered a fundamental element of the Service. The mechanism and conditions for accessing and redeeming the aforementioned Rewards, as well as their availability, may vary over time and without notice.

General conditions

1. Pin Bike reserves the right to modify or terminate the Service without notice, at any time and for any reason.

2. Pin Bike reserves the right to alter these Terms of Use at any time. If the changes constitute a substantial alteration to these Terms of Use, we will notify you by e-mail and / or by accessing mobile or web applications. What constitutes a "material alteration" will be determined in our sole discretion, reasonably, in good faith and using common sense.

3. Pin Bike reserves the right to refuse to provide the Service to any person and for any reason at any time.

4. Pin Bike reserves the right to forcefully revoke any username that becomes inactive, infringes trademarks, or may confuse or mislead other users.

5. Pin Bike may, but has no obligation to, remove Content and accounts that contain content that Pin Bike in its sole discretion deems illegal, offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, shared for commercial purposes or otherwise unpleasant or that violate intellectual property or are in conflict with these Terms of Use.

6. Pin Bike reserves the right to claim usernames on behalf of individuals or businesses that are holders of legal rights or trademarks on the aforementioned usernames.

7. You agree that you will be solely responsible for all charges related to data traffic that you will incur using the Service.

8. It is forbidden to copy, save or automatically acquire, for example via crawl scraping, any content.

9. Pin Bike is committed to a safe, transparent and legal processing of the personal data in its possession and to the utmost commitment to the protection of all non-public data provided by you. The expression "non-public data" refers to all the tracking information of your routes.

10. Pin Bike stores and records your personal data with the sole purpose of involving you and other users in improving their own motivation for sustainable mobility (eg. Through "playful" metrics, competitions between users, temporary prizes), in compliance with the Pin Bike mission and providing you with an efficient and intuitive service. The Data is stored and processed as indicated in the Privacy Policy. Your email address will be used to confirm the collection of rewards (when and where applicable) and to communicate activities and initiatives related to the platform, in order to improve your experience and satisfaction. Pin Bike does not sell or otherwise transfer personal data collected through the Service except within the execution of the service itself. In some specific cases, Pin Bike may export aggregated and completely anonymized data for specific research purposes determined by public projects or agreements with third parties, such as Public Administrations, Universities, or other organizations operating in the field of sustainable consumption.6. Pin Bike si riserva la facoltà di rivendicare username per conto di individui o attività commerciali che siano titolari di diritti legali o marchi sui suddetti username.

11. You have the right at any time to request a complete copy (in digital form) of your data stored by Pin Bike and linked to your access to the Service. The right of access implies that you can at any time request the correction, integration or cancellation (right to be forgotten) of all your registered personal data.

12. Pin Bike DOES NOT force in any way the public use of your real name, nor the disclosure of your real identity nor the validation of the account used for registration (eg Facebook account, telephone number). While Pin Bike records and internally stores the association between your Pin Bike account and your Facebook account (or phone number or other registration credentials) for the purpose of the operation of the service, your public identity on Pin Bike can be totally anonymous. Pin Bike will NOT reveal, show or reproduce the Content in any way that it can be associated in any way with your real identity, unless explicitly authorized by you, for example (but not exclusively) using one of the following options available on the Service: (i) you can publicly show your Facebook account (or other login credentials, therefore linked to your real identity) as an option in your profile; (ii) you can choose to post your routes on your diary or Facebook wall.

13. Although the Site and other Pin Bike Services are normally available, it may happen that the Site or other Pin Bike Services may be interrupted for reasons of scheduled maintenance or updating, for emergency repairs, due to connection problems and telecommunication equipment that is beyond Pin Bike's control. Furthermore, although Pin Bike normally deletes only Content that violates this Agreement, Pin Bike reserves the right to delete any Content for any reason, without prior notice. The deleted content could in some cases be kept by Pin Bike in order to fulfill some legal obligations and cannot be recovered without a valid sentence or judicial order. Consequently Pin Bike encourages you to independently store your content through your backup. In other words, Pin Bike is not, nor does it provide, a backup service. Pin Bike is in no way liable for changes, suspensions, or discontinuity of the Pin Bike Services, or for any loss of any Content.